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Annie Moore collaborates with GRAMMY nominee CORI JACOBS on 


The funk producer and piano virtuoso Cori Jacobs who has played on the records of Beyonce and received his Grammy nomination for the production of "Stickwitu" by The Pussycat Dolls has produced the lyric and melody by Annie Moore called "Rockstar Prince" in LOS ANGELES. 

ROCKSTAR PRINCE - OUT NOW - WORLDWIDE on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play! Stream your song today!  

As love so often does - it never ends. And so is that with the love Mrs. Annie Moore has for her home town BERLIN! Right on time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Annie publishes her first German Rock Pop debut single ft. New York based bassist Mike Muller, guitarist Mark Newman who tours with the only Englishman in New York: Sting and with Blues drummer Nick Fishman.- called: 

                                                             Berlin, Berlin

on July 22nd 2019, which is also by the way Moore's birthday -  live from New York City!

Stay tuned for mo(o)re and enjoy the new German ROCK POP impact on the music market! 


 the rocking Schumann

                                                                          JUNE 2019

Mrs. Annie Moore is the maker of  "The Berlin Girl " and has produced her Marlene Dietrich Show to create a cross - cultural exchange between Germany and the United States.

Meanwhile Annie  has founded "the Schumann Conservatory", an early childhood music program, which is teaching German to children through classical and contemporary music in Yorkville, on New York's Upper East Side to bring back an authentic taste of European culture.

During her first years in the Big Apple, Annie Moore has been highly inspired by the art and music scene in the East Village in the middle of the NYU Campus on 2nd Avenue and 7th St.


Having lived as a young independent woman from Berlin in the middle of New York City, Annie has not only changed her name, but she has written down her experience into songs.

Annie Moore is currently working on her first rock pop concept album.

                                                                       It is called:  

                                                       NATION UNDER GOD


The Cutting Room New York 


(c)Lilian Boss.jpg

The Beauty of Music is that you don't have to understand it. 

Just feel it.

Thats enough.

Annie ⚜️ Moore

follow me on my journey in New York



The German Rock Pop Artist comes back to the most iconic and elegant Theatre Stage in New York City, to :The Cutting Room on 11/11 -

Ticket Link follows - STAY TUNED!

ANNIE MOORE celebrates! 

The release of her first German ROCK and POP single celebrates it's debut performance on BLEECKER STREET in NEW YORK CITY,  where several recording artist such as LADY GAGA, BOB DYLAN  and BILLY JOEL once       started out... 


"The BERLIN GIRL" returns to the stages of NEW YORK CITY !

ANNIE MOORE plays MARLENE at The Cutting Room New York on June 11th, at 8 pm .

BERLIN GIRL and white roses, at THE TRIAD THEATRE 7pm New York City on Broadway 72

Annie Moore performs her debut show  BERLIN GIRL at               THE TRIAD THEATRE on Broadway 72 in New York

"The Berlin Girl" returns to New York City to bring back the spirit and story of German-born Hollywood legend and humanitarian Miss Marlene Dietrich.

The project initially started as a gift to the people of the Upper East Side, who welcomed Annie Moore Schumann with open arms in 2016. Today, it is a stage show for everyone. We invite people from all over the world to join Ms. Schumann, for an unforgettable night of German, American and French music in New York City. 

"The Berlin Girl " is entertainment at its best. Through telling Marlene Dietrich's story, from the end of the Weimar Republic, Marlene's farewell from Berlin, the years of entertaining Allied troops, to Marlene's cry of love for the French actor Jean Gabin, the audience is given a glimpse into Berlin the United States as they were in the 1930s and 40s.

February 27th 2019 - ANNIE MOORE in NEW YORK 

Excellence in musicianship, a cross -  cultural connection through elegance, as well as education in musical expression is what Annie Moore stands for. As part of several German - American educational programs throughout the United States, Annie Moore attended the Winter Gala of the prestigious music school "Diller - Quaile" on New York's Upper East Side, to come together arising more musical and educational opportunities.

"The focus always lies on creating new paths to make a career in music accessible for all ! " 

" Music is a universal language - one which overcomes all barriers ". 

We are also exited to announce that Annie's own German American educational project is now in the works. 

Stay tuned for more information about "The Schumann Conservatory". 

Annie Moore is grateful for having been part of the Diller Quaile Gala on February 27th at the Metropolitan Club in New York City !


German New York Broadway and POP music Newcomer  Annie Moore comes to Los Angeles on October 15th 2018 for one season to produce an iconic American Musical Theatre piece in German with California's children of all ages and availabilities. Annie believes: "Children are pure, wise, complete and the future of all mankind". Annie's approach is to make education accessible through the music, the theatre and dance. In collaboration with the German School CAMPUS California, Annie produces her first German American MUSICAL THEATRE production in the United States.  A presentation of the piece will be shown in Huntington Beach on December 16th.

For more information about the show and concept, please do feel free to reach out with an inquiry to 


For  "Berlin Girl" - the One Woman Show, Annie Moore collaborated with Emmy Award winning composer and producer Gary Schreiner ( well as withGrammy™ winning and Emmy™ nominated Audio Engineer Dave Kowalski who is a former co owner of the famous Bennett studios in New York City. Since September 2017 Annie Moore is enrolled as musician in the evening division of the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City as she is momentarily to see on the cover of the fall course catalogue of the Juilliard School evening division 2018. A huge poster of this print is right now  to see right in front the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.


Tickets for the upcoming show at THE TRIAD THEATRE on 72nd Street in New York City are sold out ! A second show is now being scheduled because of high demands ! From the hippest town in Europe to the world known metropole New York City - Annie is telling her story and the story of famous HOLLYWOOD legend Marlene Dietrich. Almost 100 years apart, 1 city and 1 story : From Berlin to New York. Annie Moore sings Marlene Dietrich. 

JUNE 5th ANNIE is on the cover of THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL

Since September 2017 Annie studies music in the evening division at the prestigious Juilliard School in Manhattan. While Annie started studying about the legendary woman in Jazz, Annie got accepted to the vocal department of the Juilliard School. During this current summer break and to keep up her high quality vocal range Annie additionally studies with Juilliard vocal and piano graduate Cherie Roe at the Carnegie House on 57th Street in New York City.  Moreover Annie Moore is also enrolled in the music reading Boot Camp and studies with Dr. Greg Knowles, former president of the recording academy.