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As German citizen and part of the Schumann family I am so grateful for the schools I was able to visit, for the music schools in Germany, the additional home schooling and all great teachers that have made me become the young woman I am today. 

Arrived in New York City in January 2016,I met Mr. Jeremy Schaller at his iconic German Butcher Shop "Schaller and Weber" which is existing since 1937 on New Yorks Upper East Side and became part of the community. I was quickly impressed by the interest of Americans in the typical German culture and the interest in learning the German language. For themselves and for their children. Soon I sat down with Americans from ages of 12 months to 86 years.

As musician and writer in the first place, I developed my own method of writing the curriculum what the individual student reacts to - topic wise, while using the piano.

I sang typical German songs to make the language relatable for the students ear. Shortly after, I had the great pleasure of meeting Renate Oldoerp, former chief secretary of the Goethe Institute New York City, who had introduced me to Mr. Gregorij von Leitis and Dr. Michael Lahr, founders of the Lahr von Leitis Academy. In April 2016 I went back to Germany, applied for a new visa and returned on June 22nd 2016.

I returned , because I was so grateful for the New Yorkers who have welcomed me with open arms and with such an interest in the German language and European culture I deeply care for. They let me teach them something I truly felt called to do  in a way that I can say with confidence I was made for:

The music.

Instead of just coming back, studying and building my life, I wanted is to give back to the "New York crowd" that appreciated me for who I was and made me becoming part of their community. 

Ultimately, I looked for a European American platform.

An opportunity for growth.

And found: - Hollywood legend Marlene Dietrich - the most elegant German Berlin femme fatale -who had held both - the German and American citizenship. And so I wrote my show "The Berlin Girl" over the past 3 years.


Inspired by the work of The Lahr von Leitis Academy and the opportunity given to me to translate and regularly support their projects, I grew as European cultural connector, learned awareness about my German music heritage and grew as educator.

On my way here in the United States, I have encountered many Americans and European citizens in all professions, who are sincerely interested in contributing to this cross cultural educational exchange between Europe and the USA.

As musician and former student in the Evening Division at The Juilliard School in New York City under the leadership of former director Danielle La Senna and the work with Gregorij von Leitis, I am thrilled to announce the premiere of "The Berlin Girl"

as my first cross -cultural project. 

I am thankful for  many new global friends I have met along my journey here in the United States, especially for Baritone Philip Stoddard whom I have met at The Juilliard School as he has shown real interest in the project.


I believe that through understanding and education in the most sophisticated way, we are able to create a diverse and peaceful global connection.

I am Annie Moore. I am a musician and I would like to offer the opportunity to all to be part of our European - American cultural exchange through the music and theatre. 

Now I ask you: what is your expertise ? Join us and become part of this unique cross cultural platform between Europe and the United States


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